The Product

TO succeed under the circumstances outlined in the foregoing, two things were essential-

1. Product- a highly distinctive and meritorious article,

2. Plan- an improved method of merchandising and advertising.

Of course here, as elsewhere, other elements, were necessary to manufacturing and sales success, such as sound financing. But it may safely be assumed that these problems had been solved. Such factors as price, discount, and numerous others classify under one or the other of two general essentials enumerated, i.e., Product and Plan.

The product in this case is the Parker Duofold Fountain Pen. The original Duofold produced in August, 1921 was what is known today as the Over-size Duofold. It supplied essential No. 1 in the following respects:

a. Size- Its barrel was made with a larger circumference than that of ordinary pens. This not only contributed to its distinctiveness but provided unusual ink capacity.

b. Color- By constructing the barrel of a special rubber compound of a rare shade of Chinese lacquer-red with black tips, distinctiveness was accentuated and a beautiful effect obtained. This color also served the purpose of making it difficult to mislay or lose the pen.

c. Point- This consisted of a tip of native Tasmanian Iridium of unusual size polished to a high degree of smoothness and set in extra thick gold. This iridium is the hardest of known metals and has a market value over $2,000.00 per pound. The manufacturer guaranteed this point for 25 years for mechanical perfection and wear. He might have made it 50 years, for such a point will probably never wear out.

d. Other characteristics were - a shapely design or symmetry and balance. Otherwise the mechanical construction was the same as that of Parker Pens previously manufactured, containing the leakproof "Lucky Curve" feed, safety-sealed cap and press-button filler-all Parker patented inventions.

The Duofold was not produced merely to meet the exigency of the occasion. For 30 years Mr. Parker and his associates had been striving to perfect a super-pen and it was a coincidence that they should succeed just at the moment when such a product was needed to revive the market.

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