An Analysis of the Parker Duofold Copy

RESULTS are the best appraisers of easy to measure advertising copy. It is results in mail order advertising but where the advertised article is sold thru the general trade this is far more difficult. Frequently it is impossible to do so at all, yet where the response to the advertising is quick and widespread, where new and valuable sales outlets and channels are opened up, the manufacturer is able to see the things which his adveitising has accomplished.

In Duofold advertising it was possible to do this. Just as there was spontaneity in the copy itself, the response from the public was spontaneous and widespread.

Success was unquestionably due to the excellence off the pen than to any other single factor. But given an exceptional article, it depends on the merchandising method and the copy appeal whether the success comes slowly or swiftly.

Duofold’s success was quick and sweeping, because the sales work was carefully organized and thoroughly done and was predicted on an advertising campaign of sufficient volume and strong enough appeal to impel large numbers of people to walk into the stores and ask for this particular pen; and to do so regardless of the season of the year.

In analyzing the Duofold advertising, it is well to consider that previous to its appearance fountain pen advertising in general had scarcely progressed for years. All makers spoke the same language and wore the same ready-made clothes, so to speak, in print. This standardized advertising attracted no more than casual attention.

People for the most part become so accustomed to it that they gave it only passing notice. There was little competitive advantage in one maker's advertising over another’s. Like the venerable villager, it all seemed to say "an undisputed thing in a very solemn way."

There appeared, from time to time bright and clever diversions from the dull mechanical results. But these wrought no great advances, for that which amuses in advertising is rarely taken seriously.

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